About Us


When dealing with employee benefits, our expert staff has combined experience of over 75 years! We embrace our motto, “Our Name is Our Mission”. Our clients and employees always come first and are given our greatest priority. We will advocate on behalf of you and your employees in all things “benefits” in a timely, proactive manner.

Joe Alvarez | President and Founder

Joe Alvarez is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the New Mexico insurance and benefits industry. He is the President and Founder of Client First LLC, a company that prioritizes clients’ needs and goals above everything else. He strongly believes in providing personalized service and exceptional outcomes by breaking away from conventional practices and tailoring solutions to meet clients’ unique requirements. Apart from his professional journey, Joe cherishes moments with his family and his furry loyal companion. He enjoys outdoor pursuits and combines his passion for his family and work to define both his professional and personal journey.

Paula Sherwood | Sr. Account Executive

Paula’s career has spanned over 32 years in the New Mexico insurance and benefits market, including nine years with Client First. Paula applies her desire to provide exceptional service and practical solutions and her knowledge and analytical abilities as an employee benefits advisor, client advocate, and ACA consultant. Paula’s insurance and benefits experience began with Brokerage Services/Group Brokerage, a TPA and sales general agent for fully insured and self-funded programs. She later joined a local independent agency where she managed the firm’s clients, compliance, sales, implementation, renewal evaluation, employee advocacy, payroll systems interface, and various benefits administration activities. Her prior work experience includes public accounting and human resource management. This experience, coupled with the vast insurance and benefits in-depth knowledge she possesses, makes her an asset to our clients and the Client First Team. When not focused on serving our clients, Paula enjoys traveling, singing, dancing, exercising, hiking, playing games, and spending quality time with her partner, family, friends, and pets. 

Sylvia Collins | Operations Manager

Sylvia Collins is an operations manager with a dynamic career spanning public relations, customer service, and 15+ years of experience in the dental insurance industry. She brings a wealth of expertise to our team and actively supports and promotes our ongoing commitment to benefits and client advocacy. Her dedication to our values is evident through her impeccable ethics and integrity. Originally from Southeastern New Mexico, Sylvia’s strong work ethic was shaped by the region’s values. Her husband and four children are her support system and inspiration for professional success. When not immersed in the world of insurance, Sylvia enjoys supporting her children’s sports activities, pampering her pup, dancing with her husband, mountain biking, swimming, challenging puzzles, hiking, and board games. Sylvia’s unwavering integrity and dedication make her an asset to our team, and her passion for continuous improvement drives positive outcomes for clients and colleagues alike.

Andrew Provencio | Account Executive

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Texas. He’s not just an insurance pro; he’s got some brains to back it up! When he’s not crunching numbers, he’s likely behind the wheel, exploring winding highways and hidden gems with the GPS set to “Adventure Mode.” Or he’s finding a new corner of the yard to hide the newest rose acquisition. Andrew’s playlist consists of Excel spreadsheets and rock anthems. He’s known to analyze renewal data while headbanging at music festivals. His four dogs—Ramses, EJ, Ophie, and Sal—are his loyal sidekicks. They’ve mastered the art of tail-wagging negotiations. And his two cats—Mephisto and Morty—prefer cozy spreadsheets over scratching posts. They’re purr-fessionals in risk assessment. Andrew’s motto? “Life’s a policy—read the fine print, but don’t forget to dance!”