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We identify strengths and weaknesses of a company’s benefit plan package, offer solutions, and help navigate corporate benefit programs for the best feasible outcomes. Our team has extensive experience in policy management, and related regulation and compliance in the small, mid-size and large market segments. The Client First Team client advocacy has won them the respect and loyalty of employers, human resource professionals, and most importantly, their clients’ employees. As a standard practice of Client First LLC, we guide employers with carrier, network, and benefit choices that meet the needs of their corporate benefits strategies, as well as the needs of their employees. This includes customized solutions, network selection and transition, promoting wellness programs and consumerism, customer service and claims resolution, employee education and benefits support, compliance audits, benefits budgeting consultation and cost sharing analysis, and last but certainly not least, Affordable Care Act regulations, compliance, and strategies.

Our services

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Provide Client Advocacy for Employee Benefits and HR Needs

Offer comprehensive support for escalated claims, eligibility, provider aid, carrier affairs, including billing and enrollment inquiries, alongside proactive updates on legal changes affecting businesses, assessment of HRIS solutions, and assistance with essential health plan notices and regulatory compliance encompassing DOL, ACA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, and FMLA.

Deliver the Latest Information on Health Care Reform

Deliver ACA consulting, advising on requirements and notices, outlining compliance deadlines, and sending timely alerts for requirement changes. Offer support and guidance for Form 1095 reporting for companies with 50+ full-time and full-time equivalent employees.

Research and Analyze Group Benefits Needs and Networks

Assess satisfaction with current plans, identify key stakeholders’ objectives (e.g., President, Vice President, CFO, COO, Executive Director, Human Resources Director), and gather updated census information.

Facilitate Renewal and Marketplace Analysis

Negotiate renewal offers for optimal pricing, suggest plan alternatives aligned with budget goals, analyze carriers, networks, and available plans, evaluate ACA plans in and out of the Health Insurance Exchange (2-50 market), assess the large 51+ commercial market, and provide analysis on Employer Contribution and related Employee Deduction Costs.

Educate Employees About Their Benefit Plans

Assist during open enrollment, including conducting employee meetings, explaining benefits choices, and advising on maximizing plan value. Educate employees on being savvy consumers. Conduct an audit post-open enrollment to ensure participation requirements are met and all employee documentation is complete.

Prepare and Maintain Wrap Plan Document and SPD

Create a Wrap Plan Document to comply with ERISA regulations. Update the Wrap Document as needed for any changes to ERISA-required provisions or significant alterations to plan information and benefits. Offer distribution guidelines for the Wrap Summary Plan Description (SPD).

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