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  1. Account Specialist

    We have worked with Client First for some years, and you are an amazing team. Andrew is so kind and efficient. Paula has always presented us with detailed options and suggestions. You make everything so easy! Thank you all!

  2. Business Owner

    I can’t say enough about Joe and his crew. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and the company name fits them well; they really do put the client’s needs first.

  3. Vice President

    My husband’s doctor requests various blood tests throughout the year. We regularly have billing issues with these labs, and he was having particular difficulty getting one specific billing issue resolved. We contacted Client First, and Sylvia took care of us and handled the claim immediately. She was friendly, professional, and quick to respond to help us. She had it resolved almost instantly, and it made me regret not asking Client First for assistance with our previous billing discrepancies!

  4. HR Manager

    I have been working with Joe Alvarez as our insurance broker to build the best possible benefits package for our company for the last 19 years! Joe’s caring, knowledgeable, and thorough approach has certainly gained our loyalty. Our company followed Joe as he worked at 2 big Insurance Agencies over the years, and we were so pleased when he formed Client First 8 years ago. I can’t say enough good things about all of the staff at Client First!

    Joe’s caring and dedicated philosophy is evident in the wonderful service level at Client First. Annually, I feel extremely confident when selecting the benefits package for our employees after Joe’s team does the “shopping” rates research and carrier negotiation on our behalf. Then, throughout the year, we utilize their advocacy services frequently to assist employees with all types of issues, including claims and balance billing.

    Client First does an exceptional job of following up on issues and communicating throughout the process until there is a resolution. As the benefits administrator, the assistance and expertise at Client First make my job easier, and I am so grateful! I would highly recommend Client First to all companies who value excellent service and having a wonderful staff to work with who always make you feel valued as a customer.

  5. Client

    “S-T-E-L-L-A-R Customer Service! I’m a new client of the Client First agency, and my first experience with them – Sylvia, specifically – left me feeling like she was handling my insurance questions and issues as her own.

    She took the time to not only talk with me but also ask questions to fully understand what I was experiencing and how she could help. Long story short, the company I work for changed health insurance carriers, and when it came time for a refill of medication I’d been taking for quite some time, the pharmacy needed a pre-approval from my provider’s office. Getting what I needed and getting everyone on the same page was like pulling teeth. Sylvia took the initiative and called every business involved (pharmacy, MCO, and my provider’s office) and conducted 3-way calls when they were necessary.

    While the whole fiasco took a couple of weeks to fully unfold, Sylvia pretty much single-handedly made sure I had the medication I was in desperate need of just in the nick of time.

    I could not have designed a better customer service experience than what she effortlessly allowed me to experience.

    Client First… What a great name for an agency that truly puts the Client First!”

  6. HR Admin Assistant

    I would like to give a great big, sincere thank you to the wonderful staff at Client First! I have personally had many times when I have had to reach out to you for assistance with medical claims, specialist referrals, and prescription requests, etc., for myself and my husband and even co-workers. Everyone there couldn’t possibly be more helpful in assisting me with whatever I am having issues with.

    Life can be so stressful at times, and it seems as if it is getting harder and harder to find experience, great customer service, and a real dedication to clients. Joe, Lupe, Paula, Andrew are always the first ones I think of when I need help with anything insurance-related! Client First is the absolute best name for this company because I know from personal experience that they always put their clients first. I am so thankful our company has them on board to mediate for us because there are times when I don’t even know where to start or the questions to ask to have issues resolved.

    Thank you endlessly for your hard work, knowledge, dedication, and most of all for all of your kindnesses over the years. We all need wonderful people like you in our lives!

  7. HR Manager

    When it came time to shop for employee benefits at my new job, I knew there was only one call that needed to be made: Client First.

    Joe and his exceptional team not only put a benefit package together for our staff that exceeded our expectations, but over the years they have continued to be there every step of the way, advocating for our employees when they have needed assistance.

  8. Client

    Client First made sure our bundle of joy was added to the health plan before we had even left the hospital.

  9. Client

    I called because the pharmacy said my medication was no longer covered. Before I had gone 5 miles down the road, Client First had called me back to say the issue was resolved.

  10. Client

    When the billing department miscoded a procedure, Client First was by my side as I navigated the dispute process.

  11. Client

    I am so thankful for the support, knowledge, and much-needed help I received from Andrew Provencio and Client First. My concerns were handled swiftly and professionally, and most importantly, with constant communication. Even if the news wasn’t what I had hoped for, it was explained to me thoroughly and in a way I could easily understand. Dealing with insurance companies and doctor’s office billing people is a nightmare for a layperson. I’m very grateful to have a team like Client First on the job when I needed them most!! Thank you!

  12. Human Resources

    You are great, and you make my life so much easier. Thank you!

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